The Clever Stuff

Nylon Tufts…

  • LONG LASTING: Our nylon tufting is soft, durable and stays looking good for longer. These nylon mats have a high fibre density which makes them extremely resilient, crush resistant and hard wearing – they clean the dirt off your shoes to create the perfect barrier mat. The short cropped pile allows the perfect surface for printing our lovely designs and again is more crush resistant so keeping the mat looking like new.
  • EASY CLEAN: Nylon is naturally resistant to staining so washing restores the mat, making it look fresh and new time after time. Quick drying enhances the easy care of the mat.
  • VIBRANT COLOURS: Nylon enhances the mats colours and stays colour fast and vibrant wash after wash.

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Treated with aegis® active hygiene technology...

  • Provides optimal hygiene and freshness
  • Prevents the development of bacteria and fungi
  • Prevents by indirect effect the settlement of house dust mite, responsible for allergens
  • Non-migrating technology: no migration to the skin or release into the environment
  • Long lasting treatment: high durability to laundering, lasts up to 25 washes
  • Hypoallergenic treatment

Rubber Backing...

  • ANTI-SLIP: The waffle design combined with the soft latex rubber allows grip on hard polished surfaces and carpets to stop the mat from slipping or creeping.
  • RECYCLED CONTENT: We have invested in technology that allows us to recycle our own offcuts, trimmings and even old mats, and use them in the rubber backing therefore saving anything going to landfill and creating a true virtuous circle! Our textile mills in Yorkshire are ZERO to landfill!
  • LONG LASTING: We use heavyweight rubber combined with a specially designed extra strong, fibre membrane to bond the fibres to the backing.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Washable at 30ºC. Due to the strong bonding layer and the flexible rubber backing the mats can be washed over and over again. The tufted surface becomes more absorbent once washed.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE: At the end of the mats life it is fully recyclable.
  • Ours mats are designed not to leave marks, however a combination of cleaning products, sunlight & heat may effect and / or cause discolouration to certain types of flooring when covered. We would advise you to please lift the mat frequently to allow the floor under the mat to be cleaned and aired. Our backing is a natural based product free from vinyl & PVC.
    For specialist flooring please check with the manufacturer before using any rubber backed mats.

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